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GenAI4care festival

A unique and exclusive event exploring Gen AI in healthcare by Future4care - 18 December 2023

Generative AI in healthcare is a burning topic that has captured widespread attention. Its numerous prospective and practical applications suggest that we are on the brink of structural transformations in the healthcare sector.

To address this highly strategic and extremely mediatized topic, Future4care organized the GenAI4care Festival on 18 December 2023. This exclusive event explored the state of the art of Gen AI applied to healthcare, from both theoretical and practical points of view, by bringing together top-class speakers.

The morning started with a round table discussion with Paul Hudson, Aiman Ezzat, Christel Heydemann and Jean-Laurent Granier.

Then the festival continued with four round tables featuring renowned KOLs, entrepreneurs, our partners and members of our Scientific Committee.

Visitors were invited to visit the Demo Zone and to explore the use cases from our ecosystem, in order to learn how Gen AI can be used to for benefit of patients and caregivers.

Rediscover special day and enjoy a deep dive in Generative AI in healthcare.

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GenAI4care Festival key figures

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