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Detailed Conference Program

9h10 - 9h15

GenAI4care Introduction speech by Agnès De Leersnyder


Agnes De Leersnyder

CEO of Future4care

09h15- 09h45

Opening session GenAI4care Festival with Paul Hudson, Aiman  Ezzat, Christel Heydemann & Jean-Laurent Granier

Aiman Ezzat.jfif

Aiman Ezzat

Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Group

Jean Laurent Granier.jfif

Jean-Laurent Granier

Chief Executive Officer at Generali France

Christel Heydemann 2_edited.jpg

Christel Heydemann

Chief Executive Officer

at Orange

Paul Hudson.jfif

Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

at Sanofi


Agnès De Leersnyder


CEO of Future4care

09h45 - 10h30

Roundtable n°1 : GenAI and competitiveness : 

Generative artificial intelligence is about to become a major pillar of innovation in healthcare. In this context, Europe has a chance to position itself as a global leader, but it must address a certain number of strategic challenges. This round table will explore the challenges and opportunities associated to Europe's competitiveness in the field of GenAI in healthcare.

Fabrice Bartolomei 2.jpg

Fabrice Bartolomei

Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Department,

Hôpital de la Timone, PA

Tanja-Dowe (1).webp

Tanja Dowe

Managing Director 

Angelini Ventures

Maximilien Levesque_edited_edited.jpg

Maximilien Levesque

CEO & Cofounder of AQEMIA

Emmanuel Nere.jfif

Emmanuel Nere


Director of Innovation

at Generali

10h30 - 11h15

Roundtable n°2 : Gen AI: Accelerating drug discovery and reduce time-to-patient :

Generative artificial intelligence is revolutionising the world of healthcare. It offers unprecedented perspectives for drug discovery and design, with major implications for patients, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry. This round table will reflect on the major advances made possible by GenAI in this field.

jonathan baptista1.jpg

Jonathan Baptista

Co-founder & CEO Deeplife

Emmanuel Caeymaex.jpg

Emmanuel Cayemaex

Executive Vice President, Immunology and U.S. Solutions at UCB

Jean Philippe Vert 2.jpg

Jean Philippe Vert

Chief R&D Officer at Owkin

Fabrice Denis.png

Fabrice Denis


President of the INeS

11h15 - 12h15

Roundtable n°3 : GenAI Giving back time to Caregivers :

Generative artificial intelligence offers unprecedented opportunities to help reduce the workload of healthcare professionals by automating certain tasks and optimising processes. This round table will explore the different ways in which GenAI can be harnessed to enable healthcare professionals so that they can focus more on patient care.

Lise Alter (1).jpg

Lise Alter

Managing Director of the Agence de l'Innovation en Santé

Charles Guepratte.png

Charles Guepratte

General Manager of FEHAP

Fabien Niel.png

Fabien Niel

Founder & CTO 

Quantiq IO

Pascal Roche.jfif

Pascal Roché

CEO Ramsay Santé

Olivier Guerin.png

Olivier Guerin


Vice-President of Future4care and member the Scientific and Ethic Council

12h15 - 13h00

Roundtable n°4 : Ethic & GenAI : Giving patients more chances or taking unacceptable risks :

Generative artificial intelligence is at a crossroads between the potential for improving patient care and the ethical questions it raises. This round table aims to explore this delicate balance, addressing the fundamental issues involved in responsibly integrating GenAI into healthcare.


Xavier Briffault


CNRS researcher

Muriel Dahan (2).png

Muriel Dahan

Director of Research and Development at Unicancer.

Laurence Devillers.jpg

Laurence Devillers

Professor at Paris-Sorbonne University

David Naccache_edited_edited.jpg

David Naccache


Researcher in information security

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